Sustainability Time Bomb!

A small firm or a large corporate – they both still need a sustainable supply chain. Sustainability; an important subject of discussion among all stakeholders and not an uncharted territory for the transport and logistics industry.

CO2 emissions from road freight transport have increased since mid 90s, by over 20 percent, despite the vehicles being considered more efficient these days. And while volume continues to grow unabated, a massive reduction is needed to achieve the agreed climate targets.

The transport and logistics industry is undergoing a massive transformation. This is an opportunity to implement a wide range of sustainable solutions.

Real-time transparency, flexibility and reliability is expected from B2B customers. Supply chains are undergoing rapid changes, with resilience being given importance.

Entry of digital transport platforms are changing the competitive market scenario. Customers, such as Amazon are becoming competitors.

Companies need to remain competitive and simultaneously help drive sustainability forward – for example, enabling better utility of vehicles.

The entire industry is being transformed by digitalization and self-driving vehicles. Resources can be conserved using digital tools and platforms. Examples include fuel-efficient driving and avoiding empty hauls, to name but a few.

SLA Logistics is extending core shipping services to the global agency networks, affiliated associations and local merchants who are trusted patrons to our services.

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