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Social Media Literacy / Harnessing social media in Logistics industry

Social media adds a new dimension to critical competencies, we cannot ignore importance of social media anymore. In reality, competitors are using social media as a strategic tool to bring value to their career, their company, and to their customers.

The logistics industry is slower than others in making use of social media for marketing purposes regardless the requirement to innovate and find methods to stay ahead. Social media is being used as a tool by most of the industries. However, logistics industry is sluggish in making use of social media for marketing purposes despite the need to innovate and find ways to stay connected with customers.

As per resources, reports suggest that only around 45% of logistics companies make use of social media, which in comparison to other sectors is very low.

Social media offers logistic companies an opportunity to stay connected with potential clients, existing customers, besides allowing a better exchange of ideas and the ability to discover new possibilities ensuring they won’t end up buried amongst the others.

The main reason for the low take up on social media was due to logisticians not seeing an advantage for the logistics sector (40 percent) and furthermore they often lack knowledge about its application (36 per cent). Another 10 percent say they don’t have a budget for it. Though cost for social media marketing are low in comparison to traditional marketing owing to free availability of communication channels (eg. Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter).

In general, the logistics sector is lagging than other industrial sectors and continues to miss potential gains. Additionally, the study found that only a small percentage of the surveyed companies plan to invest in social media in the near future.

LinkedIn is the most common platform for social media marketing in Logistics. Facebook and Twitter follow closely, however are less often used in comparison to other industries.

One of the main goals of social media, as per 70 percent of companies is to improve branding and establishing deep relations with customers, partners and stockholders.

12 percent logistics companies stated to have acquired new businesses through social media activities.

There is no better or worse. The right channels must be selected, according to the goals of online marketing investments. Furthermore, social media activities still require to be in line with the corporate identity and its relevant environment.

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