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Air Cargo Security and Screening Systems

The international trades and shifting consumer preference toward online and e-commerce platforms to buy different goods are inflating air cargo volume.

In air cargo security and screening systems, sophisticated tools and devices are deployed at certain checkpoints at airports to monitor and detect cargo shipments and hidden contrabands. It includes narcotics detectors, advanced imaging solutions, x-ray and explosives detection systems etc. Screening technologies as these, help identify drugs, parcels which contain chemically / biologically hazardous substances, weapons, which includes knives and firearms, and radiological devices. Besides, they help authorities to secure the airport infrastructure against safety breaches, ensuring smooth functioning of the supply chain; therefore, these security and screening systems are used in international and domestic airports.

The rising threats, escalation in geopolitical tensions between different neighbouring countries, and the growing need for advanced screening systems in the aviation industry are primary driving forces in the market. The air cargo volume is inflated due to ongoing international trades and shifting consumer preference toward online and e-commerce purchase of goods. This has intensified the uptake of security and screening systems to monitor varying consignments. The initiatives undertaken by airport and government authorities to develop dedicated air cargo terminals to improve security are impelling the market growth. Additionally, introduction of explosive trace detection (ETD) and explosive detection systems (EDS) with alarm resolution are supporting growth of market.

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