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Warehouse Safety and First Aid

We are aware that warehouses can be dangerous places to work in. At SLA Logistics we train our staff regularly on safety aids to maintain a safe warehouse environment. It is essential to understand all possible warehouse hazards as they can cause injuries and even death.  Warehouse industry workers sustain many injuries and fatalities. The statistics can be brought down significantly if warehouse safety is treated as a priority.

Injuries at workplace
Boosting warehouse safety is being aware of common workplace injuries and their causes. Common injuries include the following:

Accidents by heavy equipments
Sometimes serious injuries and even fatalities, in the warehouses are caused by forklifts and heavy pallets.

Machine entanglement can cause most severe injury.

Trips, slips and falls
Most of the injuries in the warehouse are caused due to slips, trips, and falls; due to slippery or uneven floors and accumulation of debris, residue, grease, or cords lying in walking areas.

Exposure to chemicals
Some warehouses store dangerous chemicals, or they utilize them for production purposes. Chemical spills and leaks can be a threat to the safety of warehouse employees.

Hit by fall
Stacked goods may fall from the shelves and cause injuries due to human error or inefficient operations.

Our Commercial Director at SLA has following Warehouse Safety Tips:
Warehouses are required to implement a safety plan and execution of the safety procedures is required to be done well. We, at SLA try to ensure that:Safety equipment is used at all times, floors are free of slip and trip hazards, signs and stickers are used in a functional way, racks, equipment, and materials are labelled, emergency exits and the safest routes are marked. Besides regular training should be given to staff and proper clothing should be worn to ensure the safety of the workers in the warehouse. Other precautions include, promoting awareness about potential safety hazards, shelving safety, vehicle safety, carrying out fire safety drills, ventilation and proper first aid in case of an emergency. We cannot eliminate the possibility of mishaps. Hence, performing the right first aid is important when an incident occurs. Every employee should be trained in giving first aid since it could save someone’s life.

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