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Chocolate: A Bittersweet Supply Chain

One of the best indulgences of humans is celebrated on July 7. Whether you prefer it dark and bitter or smooth and sweet, let us take a bite of the cacao bean, which is the reason for the rich flavor we know and love so well. It has been transplanted into the U.S. and some European countries to match the demand for this delicacy. Approximately over a billion people from around the world eat chocolates every day. It is packed with tons of health benefits. They help maintain weight if consumed moderately.  World Chocolate Day (7th July) marks the supposed entrance of this iconic dessert into Europe in 1550. Chocolate originates from the seed of the Theobroma Cacao tree. 

Supply chain of chocolate isn’t as palatable as the tasty treat itself

Child labour, poverty, exploitation, climate change and deforestation are crucial issues in the supply chain of chocolate. This makes one unsustainable supply chain.

Inside our chocolate wrapper – Millions of hands spanning multiple continents are behind the production of the key ingredient in this much-loved food: cacao. Consumers are oblivious to the complex intricacies of the supply chains of chocolate. The economic realities of the farmers who grow the crops is not very sweet. The major population of 6 million cacao farmers sadly live on less than $2 per day.

Although the premium chocolate industry is growing at four times the rate of regular chocolate – farmers aren’t seeing the financial benefit.  The root problem of cacao farmer poverty must be addressed. Farmers must earn more money from producing cacao, or it will lead them to other crops.

 Delicious chocolate requires better business models helping farmers and producing high-quality cacao.

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