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German Docker Strikes

Continued discussions between German United Service Union (ver.di) and the Central Association of German Seaport Companies (ZDS) have been causing delays across, not only in Germany but entire ports of Europe. German dockers are holding their ground in the negotiations with the ZDS, and ver.di called on several thousands of employees in various seaports to go on warning strikes for several hours last Thursday.

As per a digital logistics company in Germany, ports are already facing a massive delay in schedules (even without the strike). Major traffic jams of big vessels in front of Hamburg and Bremerhaven, being the cause.

Leading to a great impact on all neighboring countries. Not to forget that all other ports in Europe are also congested and delayed too. The strike is increasing operational problems, adversely affecting all other European ports in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Poland, etc. There are more delays and schedule changes. The ZDS negotiators have offered a wage increase of 7% over two years, but Verdi is demanding above inflation increases of between 12% and 14%. The union negotiators said that the offer from the employers was “completely inadequate”.

The lead ver.di negotiator feels that the employees have worked extremely hard in recent years, pushing limits and have kept the shops running with their efforts, but have not been recognized fairly. North Europe’s third-biggest container port is experiencing similar congestion issues, with box terminals at the top two Benelux hub ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp becoming totally overwhelmed by imports. Moreover, German exporters could face many weeks of delay before shipment is secured.

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