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Canada Protests: Protest by Truckers in the U.S. Gain Momentum

It has been more than 14 days of protest, against pandemic measures in Ottawa, and the echoes are being heard across the border. Demonstrations continue to reverberate beyond Canadian border, with new road blockade temporarily cutting off the country’s busiest border crossing and copycat convoys spreading to New Zealand and Australia, with a third one in the United States.

After the protests in Ottawa, Ambassador Bridge to Detroit was targeted. This bridge being a crucial link for the automobile industry, with constant shuttling of parts and components across the border to keep factories humming in Ontario and the Midwestern United States.

Three border crossings in Michigan, North Dakota and Montana have been cut off by truckers and fellow demonstrators on the Canadian side of the border who are protesting Covid-related restrictions. Canadian government announced yesterday that it would send more officers and resources to ongoing protests throughout the country.

Public Safety Minister in Cananda addressed to the situation saying that their plan is to assure that police have necessary resources required to end these illegal blockades. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mentioned that the blockades are effecting Canada’s economy, jobs and businesses.

Bulky vehicles have been parked in the middle of critical roadways between Canada and the US by demonstrators. Yesterday was the fourth day, protesters impeded access to the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Detroit and Windsor – the busiest international crossing in North America.

To add to the entire situation, anti-vaccine activists have also started planning on popular forums on Facebook and Telegram, the messaging app. The protests began with truckers who oppose Canada’s new rule that requires them to be fully vaccinated when crossing Canada-US border or face a two-week quarantine. Their “Freedom Convoy” has since drawn others who are resisting Covid-19 preventative measures, including mask mandates, lockdowns, and restrictions on gatherings.


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