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OERC-Jindal Logistics Partnership Signed

Oman and Etihad Rail Company (OERC), the developer of the UAE-Oman Rail Network, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Jindal Shadeed Iron & Steel (Jindal). This partnership seeks to establish a consistent transport logistics solution linking Jindal’s Sohar Port-based steel complex to the UAE via the rail network. The collaboration will facilitate Jindal in moving up to four million tonnes of materials and final products yearly from Sohar Port to the UAE, according to the OERC.

The OERC will assist in optimising Jindal’s logistics operations by offering efficient load handling processes and ensuring the availability of rolling stock and necessary facilities. This strategic partnership forms part of the OERC’s broader business agenda, which includes partnering with key international entities across various industrial sectors to deliver innovative logistics solutions and develop the region’s transport infrastructure.

Previously in May, the OERC had signed an MoU with Brazil’s Vale to investigate the feasibility of using rail for the transport of iron ore and its by-products from Vale’s Sohar industrial complex to the UAE. These logistics agreements contribute significantly to enhancing trade links and fostering industrial growth between Oman and the UAE.

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