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The logistics industry remains one of the fundamental economic sectors. Hence it constantly seeks to innovate, and this innovation has been focused on efficiency, flexibility, technology, and care for the environment for over 10 years. Let us look on main trends that will develop during 2023.

There has been a boom in the logistics industry and firms have focused a lot in this industry to achieve several goals and objectives.

There has been an explosion of e-commerce since covid and increase in demand for logistics centres, motivating a high occupancy rate and stabilizing rental prices, all in a market with sluggish growth.

However, the growth of this market is a big challenge: on one hand, there are the developers who have to find strategic locations so that the operators can reach the consumer as quickly as possible and, on the other, organizations who are on a lookout for a location that guarantees greater operational efficiency.

2022 began with a marked trend for great technological advances and improvements in the industrial sector that seek to change towards more efficient, flexible, technological and automated companies, also considering the environment as a focus of interest. Some of these changes will endure in the future. They will incorporate significant advances that must be considered to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Some trends in the logistics industry that are expected for 2023:

Cloud storage

Approach towards sustainability

Transparency through innovation

Process automation

Drones and robots

Last Mille

NFTs and Blockchain

2023 will continue to be the year of innovation. Newer, better technologies with special attention to sustainability will continue. Transparency and well-organized supply chain risk management will be the key to success.

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