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World Energy Conservation Day

The rising cost of energy has put pressure on several sectors across the UK and various parts of the world. There is an unprecedented rise in wholesale gas and electricity prices. There is a rise in wholesale gas prices by approximately 250%. There is uncertainty of import supply, which is adversely affecting the manufacturing production and processes.

Warehousing and Logistics industry heavily use natural gas and electricity. The current spike in energy costs is threatening shutdown of production leading to increasing concerns about the industry. Energy efficiency is important for savings.

Where is the most energy wasted?

It is lighting that uses most of the energy. Energy efficiency in logistics is particularly important because it is growing so quickly. Owing to the increase in online retail shopping, warehousing capacity in UK alone has doubled in last ten years.

Where are the opportunities for energy savings?

There is a possibility of saving approximately 20 percent of energy in each of the following fixed costs, such as, air conditioning, heating, ventilating, and lighting. It’s also possible to make similar savings on industrial processes and running machinery.

Where to start?

1.An inspection should be conducted and a checklist of the energy-saving measures should be implemented.

2.A policy should be developed for energy efficiency and should be given to everyone in business.

3.Roles should be created and actions should be prioritized.

4.Regular monitoring of energy consumption is required.

5.Creation of a graph of energy use against production levels so that you can determine the relationship.

6.Realistic target and deadlines for improvements should be implemented.

7.Every company should make smart decisions for their business energy.

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