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Health Focus – Staying Hydrated

Success of a business is measured also by how fit and healthy their employees are. To maintain great productivity at the workplace, the health of employees is a crucial factor. Health comprises of physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Leading to a fitter, healthier, satisfied, and a happier staff.

As a logistics and warehousing company, health and care for the warehouse staff holds prime importance. It contributes overall employee engagement within the business. Focus on health has become an integral and accepted part of the corporate culture these days. We are aware that healthy employees tend to be more productive and add value to business. Our warehouse employees are the pillars of our organizational success.

Warehouses can be difficult environments for workers, and heat makes it even harder. Hot days and hard work conspire to reduce productivity and increase errors. At SLA we believe that our employees help us to meet adversity and overcome various challenges. We provide our workers regular energy boosting drinks and breaks amidst their daily routine of work. WATER is life and staying HYDRATED is one of the key elements that cannot go amiss. Keeping employees hydrated creates a wide range of benefits, which we’re going to explore in this article. Keeping your employees hydrated will help to promote good health and reduce the number of sick days they take. Dehydration can cause headaches, tiredness, nausea and the inability to concentrate and also lead to long-term health problems such as kidney damage and seizures. To make sure that our warehouse workforce remains healthy, fit and hydrated we facilitate clean and fresh drinking water, energy drinks with breaks.

Good Health Means Good Business’

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