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Resilience in Supply Chain

We define a resilient supply chain by its capacity for resistance and recovery. This means regardless any disruptions, the ability of a supply chain to withstand, resist and function smoothly, avoiding any negative impact – and quickly recover from the disruption. Worldwide disasters, as we’ve seen with COVID-19, including recent war between Ukraine and Russia; can have an impact upon supply chain logistics, suppliers, and workforces. There are other disruptions which appear in the form of unexpected competition, market trends, or even unpredictable customer shopping behaviors. Supply chains should be designed to do more than just resisting and recovering. They need to be built using processes and modern supply chain technologies that allow them in forecasting, anticipating, and responding quickly to whatever risks or opportunities the future withholds.

The core element in supply chain management and its operations is resilience. It is the ability of an organization to successfully face the unforeseen situations. Disruptions have always been part of supply chain function, which have increased in their severity. The COVID pandemic was by far the most severe, which threatened global chains worldwide, even more than previously witnessed disruptions, including cybercrime, natural disasters, or any other unexpected chaos. Severe losses were encountered due to the mismanagement of operations within their supply chain systems due to pandemic. Many companies are moving on to strengthening their resistance and recovery tactics against any form of disruptions that can disrupt operations of their supply chain.

There is a need for constant updates and upgrades, and redefining narratives are essential in the world of supply chain. Efficiency and resilience are required hand in hand to run the operations. In an ever-changing world, and its unpredictable environment, creating a resilient supply chain is not a luxury but rather a necessity to ensure and secure the operations of any supply chain system, to make it armored against any form of disruption.

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