Route Optimization software is being used as a guide by businesses to inform them the shortest distance between point A and B. Route Optimization software does facilitate, guiding shipments from one location to another. The advancements in Route Optimization allows route planners to manage a fleet, get directions for driving, add multiple stops, increase productivity and service-level agreement (SLA) adherence.

Fuel costs are cut down with Route Optimization. Besides, trimming down unnecessary pick-up/delivery stops, minimizing labor overtime costs and reducing human dependency. Route Optimization has become need of the hour for virtually most of the business operations. Hence it does become essential for organizations to choose their Route Optimization software with care.

Few considerations for selecting the appropriate Route Optimization software for your business are:

Real time traffic requirements: According to 2017 research, the U.S. incurred a congestion cost of $305 billion. Not only does, considering real time traffic – saves logistics costs but can also ensures on-time delivery and better adherence to service level agreements for increasing customer delight. Firms require to look for softwares that plan routes and calculate ETA based on dynamic, real-time data.

Order-Vehicle Limitations: Often softwares tend to focus on hard data and they ignore real life order-vehicle limitations. Usually electronics and perishable can’t be shipped together, also specific kind of products, like medicines can only be supplied in specific vehicles. Softwares that keep these into consideration have a better chance of helping businesses in real-world scenarios.

Accurate Geocoding: Most of the Route Optimization softwares available in the market boast of a geocoder. One needs to understand ambiguous addresses and local contexts for accurate geocoding. It is a big plus to have a stellar database for local addresses and apartment locations.

Historical Data Inspection: The software should examine historical data. A rider’s historical evidence which speaks about his skills, expertise, preferred time of deliveries and preferred region to work. A customer’s historical data tells about his preferred time slots, availability and any special instructions for delivery. You can gain insights about the prevailing traffic conditions of a region and working/closing hours of a particular building through historical information of a given time of the day. The Route Optimization software should learn from past experiences and then plan routes.

Change Management: In case your on-ground team is still adamant on their traditional ways then training modules, incentives and success stories from other organizations can help motivate your on-ground staff to get used to the software.

The companies should choose the route optimization software according to their requirements, as the routing requirements of the companies has become complexed. Software that is able to plan routes intelligently to improve delivery efficiency and reduce costs will edge over others in the future.

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