Safety in Land Transportation

In the last decade the courier, delivery and logistics sector has grown massively. Industry’s market share has more than doubled since last 12 years or so. It increased from $172 billion to $361 billion in 2019. Road transportation is expected to have an annual growth rate of 5.5% over the next five years.

The focus of delivery services was primarily on B to B. However, with entry and growth of online shopping sector there is a greater demand for consumer carriers. Home shopping sector will make up much of the delivery market by 2023.

Online shopping has become massive, highly competitive and huge for retail sector. There is a mounting pressure upon companies with promises of next day deliveries and free postage. Retailers are opting for courier services, operating with freelance workers and drivers, leading to more traffic on the roads. The market growth is being limited due to shortage of qualified truck drivers and their high exposure to road traffic injuries.

Busy roads, and lack of safety features in vehicles cause road accidents. Road freight and delivery companies cannot control the road maintenance and conditions but they can take measures in protecting employees, drivers and other road users from death and injury is a priority. It is not just the potential danger to people’s lives, but also the costs incurred from road mishaps. Rising insurance premiums and compensation claims are hitting companies hard, along with the costs incurred when vehicles are off the road or being repaired. We need to enhance safety on our road network. It is critical in improving fatality rates.
Introducing audible warning alarms to alert pedestrians and other road users outside the vehicle when it is backing up, video recording equipment to determine the cause of incidents and to aid in deterring poor driving, and ultrasonic detection systems so drivers can be made instantly aware of objects or people in the immediate vicinity are some of the methods required.

Just by installing commercial vehicle technology does not mean a company’s safety obligations have been met. It’s vital for companies to show a demonstrable commitment to safety or else fitting safety products becomes a meaningless exercise.

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